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Frequently asked questions – and answers!

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How can I contact a member?

You have to create a profile and be logged in to contact a member. You can contact a member by clicking on the 'contact' button in their profile. This will open a chat where you can send more messages.

How can I put an advertisement online?

Your advertisement will automatically go live and appear in the search function once you have created your account. We suggest taking some time when creating your profile to ensure you attract the right kind of people that meet your expectations for the language exchange.

How can I start a language exchange?

It’s very easy – start by creating a profile on You will then receive a confirmation email to activate your account. Once you have activated your account, you are good to go. Your email address will function as your profile name and your profile will be automatically displayed in the search results. To search for other people, you will need to enter your native language, the desired language, and the city you want to meet. If a suitable language exchange partner appears, you can contact them directly to introduce yourself and set up a meeting. If there are no matches for your search, you will need to wait until someone contacts you.

What is important before meeting someone for the first time?

Make sure your expectations for the language exchange are aligned with your learning partner. We recommend discussing with your learning partner beforehand or during your first meeting what you want to learn i.e., being able to have a casual conversation, enhancing your grammar etc. We also suggest clearly outlining in your profile what level you’re at in the language you want to learn (beginner, intermediate or advanced) so you can match with the most appropriate learning partner.

How often should we meet?

Progress requires regular meetings. Therefore, we recommend meeting once per week, or at least two times a month if possible. We suggest discussing this topic before you meet each other or at the first meeting. The most important thing is that you both have fun.

How long should the language exchange meeting last for?

We recommend meeting for at least one hour. The best way to learn each other’s language is to speak only one language for half the time and then switch to the other language. You can use a timer to keep track of time. The advance option is to have the whole conversation in the language you want to learn and your learning partner does the same. This means you won’t speak your native language at all during the meeting and therefore requires more self-discipline.

Where should the meeting be held?

A public place like a quiet cafe, a bar or park is highly recommended. To encourage new discussions, you might want to visit a museum or an exhibition with your learning partner.

Do I need some basics in the language I want to learn?

A language exchange can’t replace a language school and a basic knowledge is an advantage. Ideally a language exchange is used to apply a previously learned language in conversation and for this you need some vocabulary and works best when the level of you and your language partner are similar. This way no one will be advantaged or disadvantaged. If you feel a little left behind, it’s important to discuss it and don’t forget, making mistakes is part of the learning process.