Corporate Benefit Deal

Offer your employees real added value: gift them a premium account and thereby unlimited access to the tandem search within the company or on the whole platform. *

Language tandems are an ideal addition to lessons at a language school: especially for expats and newcomers, they offer the perfect opportunity to find new friends, make connections or get to know the customs of a city.

The advantages are obvious: language tandems improve communication within the company, promote cooperation and increase intercultural skills.


Corporate Benefit

for language education within the company

  • Better visibility thanks to a premium tag and higher ranking in search results

  • Contacting users across the entire platform *

  • Advanced search filters (age & gender)

  • Corporate Special ➡️ Tandem search within the company

CHF 72
CHF 36 per licence per year

20 licences

CHF 720 2,160 / year


Do you have questions? We are here to help.

What happens when my licence quota is used up?

When your licences are used up, employees will continue to receive a premium profile when they register, but we will inform you that more licences are needed.

How does the payment process work?

Unless otherwise agreed, we will send you an annual invoice by email, which has to be paid in advance.

A member no longer uses the account. Can I transfer the licence to a new account?

Yes. Your admin can revoke licences for individual accounts in the dashboard. The licence can then be used for a new employee.

At what number of employees is my company eligible for a business subscription?

Our language tandem business offer is aimed at companies and educational institutions with a minimum user number of 10 employees or students.

Does this offer also apply to educational institutions?

We would also like to offer your pupils or students discounted access to the sprachtandem premium offer. If you are interested, please send us an email to [email protected]

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